A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 1) Chapter 51 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 51 Summary

Sansa has been waiting in her chambers with Jeyne Poole. Jeyne is of no use to Sansa as she has spent all of her time crying since her father, Vayon Poole, was killed. Sansa had heard the killing; Jeyne was thrown into Sansa's room after seeing it. Now, Sansa demands to speak to Queen Cersei again, though her guards show no sign that they care about Sansa's demands. On the third day, Ser Boros Blount of the Kingsguard comes for Sansa, and he takes her to the queen. Cersei and the small council explain to Sansa that Lord Stark was a traitor to the throne. At first, Sansa defends her father and begs Cersei for help. Sansa recalls how she came to Cersei to tell her all of her father's plans so that she could continue to marry Joffrey. Now, the council considers whether they should still allow Sansa to marry Joffrey. They have already made their decision, though Sansa does not realize it. Sansa promises to be loyal, and they decide to allow her to continue her engagement. They first ask Sansa to write to her mother and brother explaining how her father betrayed the king. They will even tell her what to write.