A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 1) Chapter 46 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 46 Summary

Daenerys is eating the steaming heart of a wild stallion in front of Khal Drogo, his bloodriders, and the ancient crones of Vaes Dothrak. She tells herself that she is the "blood of the dragon." If she can eat the heart without choking or retching, it will be a good omen that her child will be born strong and fearless. She finishes, turns to the crones, and declares that the prince rides within her. The dosh khaleen proclaims that she has seen his face and heard the thunder of his hooves. He is the "stallion who mounts the world." Dany declares that her son will be named Rhaego. Khal Drogo leads Dany away. They walk ahead of other khals and crones until they reach a lake. Dany bathes in the "Womb of the World" in front of the Dothraki. Then, they sleep together. At last, Dany is allowed to wear sandsilk. They proceed to Drogo's hall, where there is a feast. Dany finds Ser Jorah, who explains that Viserys has gone to the market to buy wine and perhaps sellswords. Dany worries. No blood is to be shed in Vaes Dothrak, and yet people are still murdered, albeit bloodlessly. Jorah tells her that Viserys will be safe if he does not try to steal anything. He had tried to steal Dany's dragon eggs but Jorah had stopped him. Dany is surprised and explains that she would gladly give him the dragon eggs if he wanted them; after all, Viserys is her king. Jorah suggests that Dany is now the khaleesi and the "stallion who mounts the world" is an ancient prophecy about a khal who will unite the Dothraki and lead them around the world, conquering everything. Viserys arrives drunk and, in defiance of Dothraki custom, wearing a sword. When Dany approaches her brother, he draws his sword and levels it at her belly. Drogo announces that Viserys shall "wear a golden crown" and his bloodriders seize Viserys. They melt gold in a pot above a cook fire. Once melted, they empty the molten gold on Viserys' skull. He dies, albeit bloodlessly. Dany reflects that Viserys was "no dragon" because "fire cannot kill a dragon."