A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 1) Chapter 44 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 44 Summary

Sansa has just left the throne room wondering why her father refused to send Ser Loras after Gregor Clegane. Sending Ser Loras would have been like seeing one of Old Nan's stories come to life. She reflects that it is likely because her father's leg is so sore and that he is cross. When she says this to Septa Mordane, the latter tells Sansa that it was not her place to question her father. Lord Baelish, however, overhears the exchange and asks Sansa what she would have done. When Sansa shares her reasoning, that gallant heroes must kill monsters, Littlefinger explains that "life is not a song." At supper, Jeyne tells Sansa that Ser Ilyn, the King's Justice, should have been sent, and, besides, Lord Beric is as heroic as Ser Loras. Sansa finds Jeyne's crush silly; Jeyne is too far beneath Lord Beric. The next morning, Sansa tells Arya about her day at court. Arya wonders why Clegane will face justice when Jaime Lannister does not. And what about the Hound, who killed Mycah? Sansa airily explains that Sandor Clegane protects Joffrey, so it is an entirely different situation. Arya throws an orange at Sansa, and the girls are sent to their rooms. Ned summons Sansa and Arya to tell them that he is going to send them back to Winterfell. The girls are angry. Arya wants to continue her "dancing lessons" and Sansa wants to marry Joffrey. The girls argue about Joffrey and when Arya calls Joffry a "stag, not a lion," Sansa replies that Joffrey is nothing like King Robert. Ned sits up in realization and tells the girls that he will send them away tomorrow. In the meantime, they must keep their plans a secret. Sansa bursts into tears and flees to her bedchamber.