A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 1) Chapter 42 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 42 Summary

Tyrion starts to build a fire, even though he and Bronn are on the high road. Bronn is irritated because a fire will draw the attention of the clansmen. Bronn argues that they move quickly and quietly until they clear the mountains. Tyrion points out that the clans will see them no matter what they do, so why not die comfortably? They talk and come to an arrangement: if Bronn keeps Tyrion alive, the Lannister will reward the sellsword with whatever he wants: gold, land, or women. Tyrion knows that Bronn will always follow the most profitable path, so he offers to double the offer of anyone that ever tries to buy Bronn's loyalty away from Tyrion. As they wait for the clansmen to attack, Tyrion starts to whistle "The Season of My Love," a song he learned from the first woman he slept with. He and Jaime had rescued her from would-be rapists, Tyrion explains. She was lowborn but beautiful. They retreated to an inn, slept together, and married soon after. They "played at being man and wife" for a fortnight, until Lord Tywin learned what Tyrion had done. Then Tywin made Jaime tell Tyrion that the former had set up the entire episode. He even paid for the girl. It had simply been time for Tyrion to sleep with a woman. After, Tywin gave Tyrion's wife to his guards, who each paid her one silver. Tyrion went last, but was told to pay a gold piece since he was a Lannister. The clansmen arrive soon after the story ends. Tyrion offers them a deal similar to the one he offered Bronn. Should the clansmen escort Tyrion from their lands, Tyrion's family will provide them with superior arms. With these weapons, they will be able to take the Vale of Arryn.