A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 1) Chapter 38 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 38 Summary

Tyrion is starving in his cell, but the last thing he wants to do is reveal his hunger to Mord, the jailor. Tyrion finds Mord irritating, but he still has to be careful. The Eyrie's jail cells have only three walls of stone. The fourth "wall" opens out to sky and a six hundred foot drop. On one wall, a previous prisoner has written "the blue is calling." It was Tyrion's sharp tongue that got him into this mess, and he reflects on his situation. Still, he could not help but taunt Lysa Arryn in front of her court when she accused him of not only crippling Bran but of murdering her husband. Tyrion considers his predicament and summons Mord, offering the turnkey Lannister gold if he delivers a message that Tyrion is ready to confess. The plan works, and when Tyrion is summoned, he is brought before the entire court. There, Tyrion confesses to a variety of crimes, such as lechery and taunting nobles at court, but he concludes that he cannot confess to murder. The court laughs. Tyrion then demands a trial. Lysa Arryn reveals the "moon door," through which the guilty are dropped to their death. Realizing that Lord Robert, Lysa's frail son, will find him guilty just so that he can watch Tyrion "fly," Tyrion chooses instead to be tried by combat. Lysa agrees and names her champion, thinking that he will fight Tyrion. However, Tyrion names his brother Jaime his champion. Lysa refuses to wait for Jaime to arrive, and so Tyrion, desperate, calls out for a champion at the Eyrie. The sellsword Bronn volunteers.