A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 1) Chapter 36 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 36 Summary

Daenerys has arrived at the Horse Gate of Vaes Dothrak, a strange city. There is a large gate, two bronze horses, but Dany sees no walls and no buildings. Ser Jorah explains that the city lies ahead, beneath the mountain. As they proceed, Dany sees the plundered gods of cities defeated and destroyed by the Dothraki. Viserys once again complains that he is impatient to have his army and points out that the Dothraki are good for nothing but killing. They build nothing. Ser Jorah reminds Viserys that one does not make demands of a khal. When Viserys moves on, Dany asks whether ten thousand Dothraki could take the Seven Kingdoms. Jorah thinks that if King Robert met the Dothraki in open battle, he would lose. If he stayed in his castle, he would win easily. When they do encounter buildings, Jorah confirms that the Dothraki do not build them. Instead, the halls are built by slaves. And only the dosh khaleen actually live in Vaes Dothrak. Otherwise, the hordes merely pass through, and while there, they uphold the law that no blood will be spilled in the sacred city. The Dothraki remove their weapons as they return to the Mother of the Mountains. Drogo leaves to go see the Mother, and so Dany decides to rest. She has a bath prepared and sends for Viserys. When he arrives, she has prepared gifts to give him as well as dinner. However, when he arrives, Viserys is furious at being summoned by one of Dany's handmaids. When he threatens her, Dany swings one of her gifts, a chain of medallions, into his face and warns that Khal Drogo will kill Viserys for threatening her. He leaves, and Dany goes to her dragon eggs and holds them to her. She feels her child move toward the egg.