A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 1) Chapter 34 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 34 Summary

Catelyn listens as Ser Donnel Waynwood explains that she should have sent word that she was coming. He and his men have just rescued her from the latest clansmen attack, and six men have already died. He escorts her to the Bloody Gate, where Ser Brynden the Blackfish commands. He is actually Catelyn's uncle, but because he and Hoster Tully never got along, Brynden left to serve in the Vale when Lysa married Jon Arryn. Brynden warns Catelyn that Lysa is not the woman she remembers. Since they last met, Lysa has lost two children and miscarried more. Robert is sickly, and she is terrified of the Lannisters. Everyone in the Vale suspects that her husband Jon Arryn was married. Catelyn and her party reach the first of three castles that guard the way to the Eyrie, a mountain castle whose precipices lie above the clouds. The men are allowed to stay behind, but Lysa sends word that Catelyn must journey along the mountain path at night. The way is dangerous, but Catelyn is accompanied by Mya Stone, a girl whose mules know the path well. When Catelyn arrives, Lysa initially welcomes her. However, when they are alone, Lysa's mood turns angry. Catelyn tries to explain that action is needed, not to mention that it was Lysa that first sent them word about the Lannisters' treachery. When Robert, who has the shaking sickness, enters, Lysa commands Catelyn to be silent. She opens her robe and breastfeeds Robert as she considers what to do with Tyrion Lannister. Robert suggests that they "make him fly."