Chapter 3 Summary

Daenerys Targaryen (Dany) lives in exile with her older brother, Viserys. They are the guests of Magister Illyrio, a wealthy merchant in the free city of Pentos across the Narrow Sea. Viserys and Illyrio have made an arrangement with Khal Drogo, a powerful Dothraki: Drogo will marry Dany, and in return he will help Viserys to take back the Seven Kingdoms from the Usurper, Robert Baratheon. Viserys twists Dany’s nipples painfully as he inspects her, reminding her how important it is that she please Drogo. He also warns her against angering him and “waking the dragon.” Viserys had been eight years old when the rebellion had reached the Targaryen seat at King’s Landing. They had killed Princess Elia of Dorne’s newborn child but the princess herself, pregnant, had escaped. Elia died months later giving birth to Daenerys in a terrible storm. Since then, the two remaining Targaryens have traveled from one place to another in flight from the Usurper’s assassins, a condition that has earned Viserys the name, “the beggar king.” For years, Dany had expected to marry her brother, as the Targaryens have always done in order to keep their bloodline pure, but now she is to be married to Drogo. When Drogo comes to see Dany, he is accompanied by an exiled Westerosi knight, Ser Jorah Mormont. Jorah is a big burly man, whereas Drogo is fierce. Dany is scared of her would-be husband, but Viserys insists that she stand up straight to earn the approval of the Dothraki warlord.