Chapter 2 Summary

Catelyn Stark is the lady of Winterfell. She is the daughter Hoster Tully, the lord paramount of the Riverlands. Although she has been married to Lord Eddard Stark for many years, she still finds the North foreign. The northerners worship the Old Gods rather than the Seven. Winterfell has a godswood, and at its center she finds her husband cleaning his Valyrian steel greatsword, Ice, beneath an ancient weirwood, a white tree with a red face carved into it. In the southern kingdoms, people of the Faith worship the Seven in septs. When Eddard (Ned) inquires about the children and their new pets, Catelyn explains that Rickon, a three year old and their youngest child, is a little afraid of his wolf, Ned replies that Rickon will have to face his fears because “winter is coming,” the Stark family's words. However, her real purpose in coming to the godswood is to share a message: Jon Arryn, the Hand of the King, is dead. Arryn had been a second father to Ned as well as to King Robert Baratheon. Together, the three men had led a rebellion against the Mad King Aerys II Targaryen fourteen years before. Now, King Robert rides north to Winterfell. Ned smiles at the news as Robert was his best friend.