A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 1) Chapter 18 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 18 Summary

Catelyn and Ser Rodrik are about to land in King's Landing. Her hands still hurt from her fight with Bran's assassin. She will never again have deft fingers and some no longer bend at all. Rodrik worries that they will be at risk when the land, but Catelyn intends to find Petyr Baelish. Petyr is called "Littlefinger" because he is lord of such a small piece of land. Though his lands are small, he is nevertheless Master of the Coin and sits on King Robert's small council. Catelyn knows Littlefinger from her childhood when he was a ward of her father, Lord Hoster Tully. She recalls that Littlefinger once fought and lost a duel against Brandon Stark when Catelyn was still betrothed to him; Catelyn had to intervene before Brandon could kill Littlefinger. Though Catelyn and Rodrik take care not to be seen, Catelyn has barely inspected her room at an inn before she is interrupted by the men of the City Watch. Littlefinger sent them, they explain, and they take her away to meet him. Littlefinger explains that Lord Varys, who is officially titled the Master of Whispers but called by Catelyn the "King's Spider," found her. Littlefinger wants to know why Catelyn has come to King's Landing, and though Catelyn claims that it is just to see her husband and children, Littlefinger recites the Tully family's words, "Family, Duty, Honor," and points out that all of them required her to stay in Winterfell. Catelyn decides to trust Littlefinger and Varys with the story of what happened to Bran.