A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire (Book 1) Chapter 10 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 10 Summary

Jon is preparing to leave for the Wall with his uncle Benjen. Before he leaves, Jon wants to visit his siblings to say goodbye. He starts with Bran, who lies unconscious in bed with twisted, broken legs beneath the blankets. Lady Catelyn tells Jon that he is not welcome. She threatens to call for the guards, but Jon insists on saying goodbye to his younger brother. Before Jon leaves, Catelyn explains that she had wanted Bran to stay in Winterfell with her. Jon tries to comfort her, but she tells Jon that she does not require a bastard’s absolution. She then tells Jon that it should have been him that fell. Jon leaves and finds Robb, who is ordering men as they prepare to leave for King’s Landing. Robb seems to have grown up since Bran’s fall. They say farewell and Jon finally goes to see Arya, who is packing her things with Nymeria. Jon has brought her a present, a sword. It is small and thin, like Arya. The first lesson is to “stick them with the pointy end,” and of course, he reminds her, she cannot tell Sansa about it. Everyone knows that the best swords have names. Lord Eddard’s sword, for example, is “Ice.” This sword, jokes Jon, shall be named in honor of Arya’s favorite activity. Arya guesses as Jon names the sword, "Needle."