Chapter 9 Summary

Brienne arrives in Duskendale, hoping to find Ser Dontos Hollard, with whom she thinks Sansa might have fled King's Landing. When she enters the town, the guards are wary at the sight of a Harrenhal bat on her shield, so she has it repainted. So long as men think that she murdered King Renly, Brienne knows that she cannot reveal that she is Brienne of Tarth. She goes to the castle and finds the maester, who explains that the Hollards lost their lands during Robert's Rebellion against Aerys. Only Barristan the Bold's mercy spared Dontos from being beheaded as punishment for his family's treachery against the Targaryens. There is nothing left for Dontos, explains the maester, who is tired of explaining to searchers that Dontos and Sansa are not in Duskendale. Brienne leaves, thinking often of Jaime Lannister. She considers going to the Wall, to Riverrun, or to the Eyrie, where Sansa still has some family. However, when a dwarf tells her that a man dressed in motley was spotted in Maidenpool, Brienne decides to go there. She will have to be careful since Lord Tarly, a southron lord that will recognize Brienne, and his army are there. She leaves Duskendale. On the road, she realizes that she is being followed. She confronts the stalker, who confesses that he is Podrick Payne, Tyrion Lannister's squire.