Chapter 8 Summary

Jaime stands vigil over his father's corpse. Lord Tywin's body dries and his lips curl up in a smile over time. The other knights of the Kingsguard offer to relieve him, but Jaime refuses. He thinks of the past week and how he allowed Tyrion to escape with Varys. He wonders if he should tell Cersei but decides not to. He recalls his investigations in the dungeons and beneath the castle and how Kettleblack killed the goalers at Cersei's command. He remembers how Tyrion told him that Cersei had been sleeping with Lancel and Kettleblack and others. He recalls when he first joined the Kingsguard, the last time he saw Prince Rhaegar, and Ser Arthur Dayne, who knighted him. In the middle of the night, Cersei comes to Jaime, dressed as a peasant. She asks Jaime to be her Hand, explaining that Kevan has refused her, but Jaime again turns down the offer. When the lords and ladies return the next day at the end of the vigil, Tommen flees at the stench of the corpse. Jaime follows him outside and comforts the little king, his secret son. Cersei comes, as does Mace Tyrell, and Jaime tells the lord of Highgarden that Cersei plans to dine with him later. Alone, Jaime explains to Cersei that she should send Tyrell to lay siege to Storm's End, Stannis's seat. After all, Tyrell fancies himself a warrior. Cersei realizes that the plan is a good one, one worthy of their father.