Chapter 7 Summary

Cersei takes Tommen to Lord Tywin's funeral. She is disappointed by how biddable Tommen is compared to Joffrey, but she is determined to defend him against his enemies. It is raining, so fewer have turned out for this funeral than did for Robert, which also disappoints Cersei. She worries that the High Septon, who was appointed during Tyrion's time as Hand of the King, might betray her. She looks at her father's corpse. He was the greatest man in the Seven Kingdoms, and she is confident that she will surpass him. After the service, many lords and ladies approach her. Some wish to name their children after Tommen. Cersei is more pleased when the beautiful Lady Taena Merryweather of Myr tells Cersei that she is looking everywhere, even across the Narrow Sea, for Tyrion. She is disgusted by Lancel, her cousin and former lover, whose hair is gray now despite his youth. He still cannot grow a moustache. She is angry when Mace Tyrell suggests that they name him Hand of the King and one of his bannermen Master of Coin. Cersei announces that the sickly Lord Gyles Rosby will be Master of Coin and that her uncle, Ser Kevan Lannister, will be Hand of the King. However, after the funeral, she meets with Kevan, who agrees to become Hand, but only if Cersei also names him regent and then returns to Casterly Rock. Cersei is furious and refuses the offer. Kevan leaves, suggesting that Tommen will have to settle for the care of his mother and of his father.