A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4) Chapter 45 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 45 Summary

Samwell is neither as fat nor as cowardly as he once was by the time Cinnamon Wind lands in Oldtown. He even shoots arrows at the ironborn when they try to raid the ship. If the raiders are so bold, Sam thinks, he should go to Horn Hill to see if his father has left a strong enough guard. However, when he gets to Oldtown, his plans go awry. He is asked to wait and does not realize that he should offer a bribe to see the seneschal at the Citadel. His waiting only ends when Alleras the Sphinx arrives and introduces himself to Sam. Sam confides in him, telling him about Aemon's last words, especially his hope that the Citadel will send Daenerys a maester to help her fulfill the prophecy. He also explains the truth about Stannis, Melisandre, and the Others. Alleras takes Sam to the Mage, Archmaester Marwyn, explaining that he might be the only maester that would believe Sam. Marwyn's room is lit by a dragonglass castle. The Mage explains that in Valyria, sorcery was founded on blood and fire. Using their candles, they could see across the world and enter the dreams of others. Now, Marwyn will travel to Slaver's Bay to meet Daenerys, hopefully before the "grey sheep" at the Citadel can reach her. He explains that the Citadel is trying to build a world without magic. Before he leaves, he instructs Sam to study quickly as his abilities will soon be needed at the Wall again. He should keep his secrets to himself and speak only of the honor of service. He also asks Alleras to watch over their new novice from the Wall. Sam turns to a youth who looks untrustworthy. The youth introduces himself as Pate.