A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4) Chapter 43 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 43 Summary

Cersei is pleased when Septa Moelle comes before the court to explain that the High Septon has taken Queen Margaery into custody for fornication and treachery. They also hold her accuser, Ser Osney. When Grand Maester Pycelle reports that he has given Margaery moon tea, the court erupts. Cersei tells everyone that she is doing everything she can to free Margaery, but when she goes to Tommen, she has him sign decrees to take her supposed lovers into custody. Tommen, as always, signs whatever is put in front of him. Cersei goes to the Great Sept of Baelor, where a group of smallfolk are demanding Margaery's release. Cersei enters and sees Margaery. When Cersei informs her that the only Kinsguard that remain in the city to defend her against Ser Osney are the cowardly Ser Boros and the aging Ser Meryn, Margaery realizes that Cersei is her true enemy. Before Cersei can leave the sept, the High Septon takes her to where Osney is being interrogated. Osney now reports that he slept with Cersei. The septons seize Cersei and imprison her. Now, she is caught in the web that she made for Margaery. Days later, Qyburn comes to her, explaining that Taena escaped and reported Cersei's imprisonment to the small council. Now, Pycelle and Harys Swyft rule the realm, Tommen signs whatever they put in front of him, and they have sent for Ser Kevan Lannister to take over the regency. Aurane Waters has left the city with the newly built fleet, possibly to join Stannis or to become a pirate. Lord Merryweather has resigned his position and left King's Landing. Qyburn himself has been removed from the small council, though he is still allowed to oversee the whisperers. Cersei tells him to write to Jaime, including a message that she loves him and needs him as she never has before. Her only hope is that Jaime will return. Either he will prove her innocence by sword, or they will die together.