A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4) Chapter 42 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 42 Summary

Brienne wakes up slung over the back of a horse. She dreams that she is in Harrenhal's bear pit again, facing Biter, as Lady Catelyn, King Renly, and others watch. When she wakes, she is offered water and learns that her arm is broken and her ribs cracked. Gendry killed Biter, at the very least. She learns that she is being taken to Lady Stoneheart, who is also known as the "Hangwoman." She falls into and out of dreams of Jaime and others. She again wakes and sees a new man wearing the Hound's helm. She wakes a third time inside a cave, her mail and sword gone. Her gaoler, Thoros, treats her wounds and explains that Lem was to stay at the inn but the mummers fooled him into following them away from it. He explains that they were once a brotherhood and king's men, but now they are on a dark road. When Lem arrives, Brienne recognizes him as the man that took the Hound's helm from Rorge's corpse. Thoros disapproves. Brienne's captors take her and Pod to Stoneheart and present evidence that she works for the Lannisters. Stoneheart removes her cowl and Brienne realizes that she is Lady Catelyn Stark. Thoros explains that they found her three days dead, and though he refused to give her the kiss of life Beric did. She rose. She asks Brienne to prove her loyalty by killing Jaime Lannister. Brienne refuses to make the choice. She turns her back on Brienne, the men take her away, and they hang Brienne and Pod. As she dangles, she screams a word.