A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4) Chapter 41 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 41 Summary

Alayne goes to the Little Lord Robert, who is refusing to leave his chambers. With winter coming, Lord Petyr and his servants will need to leave the Eyrie and journey to the Gates of the Moon. Now, Alayne has been called to talk sweetly to the petulant, sickly lord until he will agree to join their descent. Lord Petyr is attending Lord Lynoel Corbray's wedding to the sixteen-year-old daughter of a Gulltown merchant. The dowry is said to be staggeringly large. Littlefinger arranged the match, and Alayne has received word that half of the Lords Declarant have now become his supporters. Alayne travels down the mountain with Mia Stone, whom Alayne can tell is the bastard daughter of King Robert, and Myranda, who is highborn. Alayne enjoys gossiping again with another highborn girl. She manages to escort Robert down the mountain, and when she arrives she learns that Petyr has returned. He asks her for a kiss and when they are alone he kisses her back. Next, Petyr offers Alayne a marriage contract to Harry the Heir, and explains that if Little Lord Robert dies, Harry the Heir will inherit the Vale. And when the day of their marriage comes, they will reveal that Alayne is Sansa Stark and the lords of the Vale will fall over themselves as they swear to win her the north. Petyr explains that he will have delivered her a marriage, the Eyrie, and Winterfell before asking for another kiss.