Chapter 4 Summary

Brienne of Tarth is looking for a maid of "three-and-ten" with auburn hair, which is what she says as she searches for Sansa Stark. Brienne has promised to find Sansa, and she means to keep the oath she made to Jaime Lannister. Sansa has no family to return to and Brienne could find no word that she left King's Landing by sea. So she rides north of the city. The people warn her that if she travels much farther north, she will enter the ravaged riverlands, which are full of outlaws and desperate, lost soldiers. She comes upon Ser Creighton Longbough and Ser Illifer the Penniless. Illifer draws his dagger when he recognizes Brienne, and he accuses her of murdering King Renly. Brienne cannot explain what happened the night Renly died: she saw a shadow kill her king, whom she had loved. She convinces them to put away their weapons and they go to sleep. The next day they travel together and come upon a group of devout peasants journeying to King's Landing. They call themselves sparrows and beseech the knights to escort them, but the knights refuse to work without pay. They next come upon a merchant and Ser Shadrich, who styles himself the Mad Mouse. Shadrich recognizes that Brienne is searching for Sansa Stark and announces that he is searching for her as well. Lord Varys has promised to pay gold for anyone that brings him Sansa Stark. That night, the lot of them stay at an inn together. Brienne goes to sleep determined to find Sansa.