A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4) Chapter 39 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 39 Summary

Cersei does not hide her irritation when Grand Maester Pycelle brings her news that Gyles Rosby has died of his cough. She had commanded him to keep the master of coin alive, after all. She confronts him with his list of failures: King Robert's death, Jon Arryn's death, Joffrey's death. Finally, she demands to know why he has spent so much time with Margaery. When she threatens to send him back to the dungeons, Pycelle admits that he brings Margaery moon tea. Pleased, Cersei next seizes Rosby's lands and coin to help the crown pay its debts. She summons Lady Merryweather and her husband to supper, where she offers to make Lord Merryweather the Hand of the King. The Blue Bard plays for them until Cersei summons her guards and accuses the bard of sleeping with Margaery, an act of treason given that Margaery is married to the king. She and Qyburn interrogate the bard until he finally agrees to confess to a story of their choosing. That night, she dreams that Tyrion is attacking her. When she wakes, she tells Taena about the prophecy that haunts her. The next morning, she eats with Tommen, who tells her about his kittens, Ser Pounce and Lady Whiskers. Everything she does, Cersei tells herself, she does for her innocent Tommen. She returns to her scheme against Margaery. It would not do to accuse and kill Margaery; her father, Mace Tyrell, and his armies would no doubt turn against her. When Tommen informs Cersei that Margaery is fasting in preparation for Maiden's Day, Cersei leaves and finds Ser Osney. She commands him to go to the Great Sept of Baelor in order to confess that he has slept with Margaery and her maids. He agrees, but first demands that Cersei sleep with him. He tears her dress and takes her immediately.