A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4) Chapter 33 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 33 Summary

Jaime arrives outside Riverrun, and he meets with Ser Daven, the new Warden of the West. Daven reports that Ser Kevan passed by recently and that he was not in the mood to talk. The siege goes slowly. Every day, they threaten to hang Edmure Tully, though they take him down every evening. Edmure's wife, meanwhile, is pregnant. Ser Brynden is well provisioned and could last another two years in the castle. The Freys, meanwhile, are supplying some food and provisions, but they claim to be running out, so Daven has been foraging for his own host. Lord Emmon, who is now officially lord of Riverrun though he does not yet have the castle, demands that they take the castle immediately but without damaging it. Jaime realizes that he must end the siege quickly or else the lords of the riverlands will become more bold in their defiance. He hopes to treat with Ser Brynden, though no one thinks it will work. Jaime later sups with Lord Emmon Frey, though it is Emmon's wife, Genna, Tywin's sister, that Jaime listens to. When she offers her condolences, Jaime thinks that she is referring to his hand rather than his father's death. She cannot believe that Cersei has rearmed the Faith and points out that even Aegon the Conqueror struggled to control the Faith Militant. Maegor outlawed them but only his successor was able to finally finish them. She tells Jaime about his father and wonders what the realm will do without him. When Jaime suggests that he will do his best to be his father's son, Genna tells him that Tyrion is Lord Tywin's son.