A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4) Chapter 31 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 31 Summary

Brienne follows Septon Meribald to the Saltpans, where the river flows into the sea. Meribald leads them through the water to the Quiet Isle, and he explains that, yes, the people there can talk but they choose not to as a sacrifice to the Seven. They take Brienne and the others to the Elder Brother, who is said to have healing powers. After supper, Elder Brother explains that he was once a knight. He fought with Prince Rhaeghar in the Trident against Robert, was slain, and woke up naked in the Saltpans. He found Sandor Clegane, dying, and buried him, but he made the mistake of leaving the Hound's helm on the grave. Now, someone else is posing as Clegane and ravaging the riverlands. Elder Brother counsels Brienne to give up her quest. He explains that it was Arya, not Sansa, that rode with the Hound, and now he cannot say where she is. She should return to her father. Thinking of her father, Brienne tells Elder Brother all about her life, how she was neither a son nor a daughter to her father. She tells of her love for Renly and how she accompanied Jaime. She finishes with the sword, Oathkeeper, and declares that she must complete her quest or die trying.