A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4) Chapter 30 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 30 Summary

Jaime notices that the peasants are plowing the fields again when he arrives in Darry, hoping to find his cousin Lancel. When Jaime arrives with his host, Lancel is not there to welcome him and Ser Kevan has already left Darry. Instead, Jaime meets with Lady Amerei, Lancel's bride to be. Over dinner, they discuss the problems in the riverlands. The wolves are bold and attack men without fear. The Hound is loose and has launched a vicious and now infamous attack on the Saltpans. Jaime asks how they know, and they explain that the Hound's armor is unmistakable. It has been some time since anyone has seen Lord Beric, but a hooded woman has been seen leading the outlaws. Jaime advises the lords to win the hearts of the smallfolk to retake the riverlands. When Jaime tries to hold a wine glass in his golden hand and instead spills it, he leaves the room to seek out Lancel. The sept is guarded by three Poor Fellows, who at first refuse to let Jaime inside. Lancel allows Jaime in. He confesses that he killed King Robert and that he slept with Cersei many times. Lancel explains that he knows he is a sinner and that he intends to give up Darry and his bride to join the Warrior's Sons. Jaime tells his cousin to be a Lannister, but Lancel does not care. Jaime seeks out Ser Ilyn Payne that night, tells him about when he slept with Cersei in Darry, and fights wondering how many lies Cersei has told him. Ser Ilyn laughs at him.