A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4) Chapter 29 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 29 Summary

The Reaver, Victarion Greyjoy, attacks Southshield, an island in the Mander River that winds through the southwest of Westeros. For years, Southshield was one of the castles that protected Tyrell lands from ironborn raids. When Victarion slays Ser Talbert Serry, the heir of Southshield, the Mander lies open to further ironborn raids. Victarion is wounded during the battle, a vicious cut to his hand when he caught Serry's sword. After the battle, he sleeps with a dusky woman, a gift from Euron. She treats his hand and brings him wine. Victarion returns to Lord Hewett's Town with his men. He wonders if he could set one of his men, perhaps Nute the Barber, on Euron. Aeron now preaches against King Euron and Asha disappeared with her men after the kingsmoot. When he returns to Euron's stolen hall, Victarion is surprised by what he sees. Euron has not taken the defeated men and women as thralls and salt wives but rather intends to sell them as slaves. He dishonors his defeated enemies: the defeated women serve his men naked and he kisses Lord Selmy's natural daughter with his blue lips in front of the hall. Euron raises new lords, including Nute the Barber, robbing Victarion of one of his greatest fighters. The ironborn are eager to take the Arbor, and Euron retreats to his room. That night, he summons Victarion to his quarters where, naked and drinking shade-of-the-evening, the wine of the warlocks, he tells Victarion that the man that blew the dragon horn has died. They found his lungs burnt. He convinces Victarion to sail the Iron Fleet to Slaver's Bay, where he will find and retrieve Daenerys Targaryen to be Euron's bride. Together, they will take the Iron Throne, and Euron will give Victarion the Seastone Chair. Victarion agrees to sail to Slaver's Bay, but he intends to take Daenerys for himself.