A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4) Chapter 28 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 28 Summary

Cersei and Taena make their way to the Great Sept of Baelor in a litter. She inquires whether Margaery is a virgin and if Taena would bring her son to court to play with Tommen. Taena does not believe that Margaery is a virgin, and she is reluctant to bring her son to court. When they arrive at the top of Visenya's Hill, the statue of Baelor the Blessed is covered in bones and the hill is full of "sparrows"—peasants and vagabonds that have come from all over the Seven Kingdoms. Cersei worries that there will be another riot if she does not handle the situation delicately. Still, the new High Septon has not blessed Tommen's ascent to the Iron Throne, so Cersei enters to Great Sept. The new High Septon does not wear shoes and his clothing is modest but clean. He explains that he has sold his jewels to feed the poor. He has not refused to bless Tommen, he explains, but is rather waiting for guidance to see if Tommen should rule. A king should protect his people, and the sparrows clearly attest to the crown's negligence. Cersei and the High Septon come to an agreement: in exchange for allowing the Faith to arm itself for the first time in hundreds of years, the Faith will bless Tommen and forgive the Crown's debts. The High Septon is confident that the Warrior's Sons, knights that forsake lands and vows to serve the Faith, and the Poor Fellows, commoners that walk the roads to help others, will protect the kingdom. Cersei leaves, thrilled at her success, returns to the castle, where she meets Margaery and her retinue. Cersei is disgusted by the way Margaery goes around the city, befriending merchants and winning the people's favor.