A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4) Chapter 27 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 27 Summary

Jaime still desires Cersei, though he finds that she always angers him when they talk. She has had Tommen sign a royal decree ordering Jaime to end the rebellion in the riverlands. Jaime swore an oath to Catelyn Stark that he would not fight in the riverlands again, but Cersei leaves him with no choice. He brings Ser Addam Marband and Ser Ilyn Payne with him. At night, he and Ser Ilyn, who is mute and can neither read nor write, train with the sword. Jaime sometimes wears a golden hand now, and his captains suggest that someday the smallfolk will call him "Goldenhand." Jaime knows that they will always call him Kingslayer, though he tries to carry out justice in the ravaged riverlands. Jaime and nearly a thousand men make their way to the Harrenhal, which is now held by the remnants of Ser Gregor Clegane's men, who have killed or dispersed Vargo Hoat's Brave Companions. Raff the Sweetling tells Jaime that Polliver had been in charge until Sandor Clegane killed him. Cersei has decided to name Ser Bonifer Hasty castellan of Harrenhal, and Jaime leaves him to his work. It will not be easy to return the cursed castle to order, but Ser Bonifer declares that his faith will shield him. Jaime finds Ser Wylis Manderly, whom he sends to White Harbor in order to gain Lord Manderly's allegiance. Wylis weeps when he learns that he is to leave the Harrenhal. That night, Jaime searches for Ser Ilyn to train and instead finds Red Ronnet Connington at the bear pit. Ronnet's distant relative had once briefly served as Hand to King Aerys, but Jaime is surprised to learn that Ser Ronnet was once betrothed to Brienne. When he calls her a freak, Jaime strikes Ronnet with his golden hand and instructs him to call her Brienne.