A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4) Chapter 26 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 26 Summary

Samwell does not know what to do. The ship on which they had bought passage, Lady Ushanora, refused to wait any longer for Maester Aemon to recover his strength. It left without them and now Sam is out of coin. Dareon was supposed to sing tales about the valor of the Night's Watch, but he has instead been singing songs about the red, red lips of the women in Braavos. He took their remaining silver, claiming that he would return with wine and food. That was days ago. Gilly cries constantly, and Sam cannot bring himself to ask whether Jon Snow kept her child at the Wall. When Maester Aemon wakes, he tells Sam that he knows he is dying, but now that they have heard tales about dragons returning to the world, Maester Aemon asks Sam to go to the docks. He explains that he has always dreamt of dragons, just like the rest of his family. Sam goes out that night and the bravos challenge him because he is wearing a sword. A skinny girl named Cat saves Sam from the bravos, offers him the last of her clams, and tells him that Dareon is at the Happy Port singing songs to courtesans. Sam goes there and when Dareon tells Sam that he is finished with the Night's Watch, Sam punches him. Sam is thrown out of the Happy Port and into the water. Sam is about to drown when a Summer Islander, Xhondo, rescues and revives him. He tells Sam that he has seen the dragons Sam seeks.