A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4) Chapter 23 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 23 Summary

Alayne cannot fit into many of Lysa Arryn's dresses, but she finds an old one that favors the Tully colors. She wears the dress as she tries to feed Robert, but he refuses to eat porridge. He seems to also be hearing voices at night. Littlefinger and Maester Coleman arrive and decide to begin feeding Robert a pinch of sweetsleep with his milk. Petyr sees Alayne's dress and tells her to change it. It would not do to have people thinking that his natural daughter is wearing a lady's colors. Alayne, meanwhile, worries that the Lords Declarant, who will soon arrive, will recognize her. After all, Bronze Yohn Royce once visited Winterfell. Alayne changes into more modest clothing, and although Bronze Yohn does seem to recognize her, he dismisses the familiarity when Alayne takes him and his companions to see Petyr. The Lords Declarant have come to remove Petyr from the Eyrie and to send him to the Harrenhal. When Lyn Corbray unsheathes his sword, Lady Forlorn, Littlefinger takes offense and shames the others—his guests—into agreeing to give him one year of rule over the Vale. Bronze Yohn is unhappy, but agrees. After, Alayne goes to see Petyr and learns that Lyn Corbray is working for him.