A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4) Chapter 21 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 21 Summary

The Queeenmaker, Arianne Martell, is leading her party across the desert of Dorne away from Sunspear. She is accompanied by her best friends and the Darkstar, Ser Gerold Dayne. When they meet with Ser Arys and Princess Myrcella, the plan is truly under way: Arianne will crown Myrcella and solidify her own claim to Dorne. She knows that her younger brother, Quentyn, has traveled across the Narrow Sea. She also knows that the Golden Company, mercenaries, have broken their contract with Myr. Quentyn will surely strike soon to deny her claim to Dorne. The sun is cruel in Dorne, but Arianne leads her party thinking about the songs that will one day be told about their crossing. They finally reach a poleboat that will take them up the Greenblood to the Vaith and finally to the Hellholt, the castle where they will crown Myrcella. The Darkstar observes that there is no crew aboard the poleboat, and Areo Hotah and his men step out from the cabin to confront them. They have lost, but Ser Arys refuses to yield and charges the Hotah's men. He dies gallantly while Arianne and Myrcella scream. Arianne, in shock, wonders how her plans could have gone awry. Hotah explains that someone always tells, and that he will now return Arianne and Myrcella to Prince Doran.