Chapter 2 Summary

The Captain of Guards, Areo Hotah, watches as Doran Martell, the Prince of Dorne, eats overripe fruit. Doran, who suffers from terrible gout, sits in a wheel chair as Obara Sand, the eldest Sand Snake, comes to challenge him over the death of his brother, Oberyn Martell, the Red Viper and the father of the Sand Snakes. Ebara insists that they act, but Doran remains calm, pointing out that Oberyn was killed in a trial by combat. Doran does not agree to summon Dorne's armies and sends Ebara to Sunspear. After, Doran decides that he will travel there as well. Hotah thinks about Arys Oakheart and Princess Myrcella, who wait at the Sunspear as well as Princess Arianne, Doran's daughter. When he left Norvos, Hotah was told to keep his longaxe sharp, and he thinks he may need to use it to kill Oakheart before long. The second Sand Snake, Nymeria Sand, finds them after they leave the Water Gardens. She also insists that they avenge Oberyn's death, but she suggests they send Tyene to gain their vengeance through poison. When Hotah and the prince arrive in Sunspear, the people demand vengeance. Doran next meets with Tyene, who urges Doran to war, but by inviting invaders to Dorne rather than by invading north. She points out that under Dornish law, the oldest child, rather than the oldest son, inherits. She argues that they crown Myrcella Queen of Westeros. Alone, Doran commands Hotah to collect the Sand Snakes and confine them.