A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4) Chapter 16 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 16 Summary

Jaime watches as Lord Tywin's corpse is taken from King's Landing. Ser Kevan and Lancel leave as well. Though Jaime is kind to his uncle, it is clear that Kevan resents Jaime and Cersei. Jaime teases his soon-to-be-married cousin about his upcoming wedding night, but Lancel replies that he will pray for Jaime. Jaime returns to the yard, where he espies Ser Loras jousting. Jaime used to be excellent with the lance, but now he concedes that his time in the tourneys is over. He approaches Cersei, who is drinking wine with Lady Merryweather. Bronn has named Lollys Stokeworth's child "Tyrion," which they find funny. Alone, Jaime observes that Cersei is keeping quite a menagerie in Lady Merryweather of Myr and Qyburn the former maester. He confronts her about her plans to name Aurane Waters an admiral, but Cersei would prefer a bastard youth to any of Mace Tyrell's bannermen. She is considering naming Merryweather's husband Hand of the King. Jaime sees a great deal of Aerys in his sister's paranoia and lust for power, though he knows that she fancies herself Lord Tywin's successor. She ultimately dismisses Jaime in anger when he accuses her of making foes of friends. That night, Jaime reads the Kingsguard's histories. When Loras arrives, Jaime advises the younger man to read about them as well. Many of the best knights in the Kingsguard have been forgotten because no songs were written about them, including the Kingmaker, Criston Cole.