A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4) Chapter 15 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 15 Summary

Samwell is greensick now that the Blackbird has put out to sea. She is not the most dangerous ship that Eastwatch could have offered, but she is the best suited for the long journey south. Though autumn's storms are not so dangerous as winter's, they are more frequent. Sam is accompanied by Dareon, a singer that Jon has sent south in the hopes that he will attract men to join the Night's Watch. Since Yoren went missing, the Wall has gone without a recruiter. Maester Aemon, meanwhile, spends his days on the deck. He cannot see the passing shore, but he remembers when he came north to the Wall. He explains that Egg had wanted him to help rule from King's Landing, but Aemon had known that his place was at the Wall. Sam does his best to take care of them all, but he does not know what to do about Gilly. She spends her time crying as she cares for the babe. Maester Aemon deduces that the babe is not her son but Mance Rayder's. Jon must have sent the boy south with Gilly, just as he sent Maester Aemon, to protect them from Melisandre's sacrificial fires. Sam hopes that they will soon finish the first part of their trip and land in Braavos, but the ship must first sail through several storms.