A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4) Chapter 14 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 14 Summary

Brienne has begun to teach Pod how to use a sword. Though he is quick, he has not been well trained by his previous masters. Thanks to them, he understands little more than how to shoe a horse. As they journey, they come upon a man and woman taking eggs to Lord Tarly. Tarly's son, Dickon, is to marry Lord Mooton's daughter. When they arrive at the gate, a soldier steals the eggs and is about to take the woman as well. Brienne intervenes, and the soldiers prepare to attack her until Ser Hyle Hunt appears. The farmer declares Ser Hyle a true knight and ignores Brienne. Brienne is irritated since she recognizes him from her days in Renly's host. Hyle and others had run a pool to see which man could first kiss her. It had been Randyll Tarly that had ended it, but he had blamed Brienne's unnatural obsession with the sword for the men's dishonorable actions. Hyle takes Brienne to Lord Tarly, who now tells her that Lysa Arryn is dead and that it will be her own fault if she is raped during her quest. She goes to the Stinking Goose, a tavern near the docks, and meets Nimble Dick. He tells Brienne that he sent a fool who was accompanied by two girls to a smugglers' cove in Crackclaw Point. He agrees to take Brienne there for a price.