A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4) Chapter 11 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 11 Summary

The Kraken's Daughter, Asha Greyjoy, arrives in Harlaw, where her uncle Rodrik Harlaw rules the Ten Towers. He has gathered men and longships for Asha, but not enough to challenge her uncle Euron Crow's Eye for the Seastone Chair. Rodrik, who loves books, tells Asha that many of the men have likely made for Old Wyk and Aeron Damphair's kingsmoot. He also points out that the last time the ironborn had a kingsmoot, the victor was the captain that attacked and killed his rivals. Rodrik counsels Asha to turn away from her path: she cannot hope to win. Westeros, he explains, has become a corpse and now Asha is turning into one of the many crows feasting upon it. Rodrik loves Asha, and he offers to make her his heir, but Asha refuses. When Asha leaves him, she does not want to find her mother, who still hopes that her son, Theon, will be returned to her. So far as Asha knows, Theon was killed at Winterfell, though she never found the body. She next finds Tristan, with whom she used to fool around when they were children. When they were caught, Tristan was sent away. Now, Tris explains that he has always loved her. Asha refuses him. She does not want to become the mother of his children. She means to be queen.