A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4) Chapter 10 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 10 Summary

Sansa is disturbed by the sound of Marillion's singing at night. He has been jailed in one of the sky cells since Petyr murdered Lysa Arryn and blamed Marillion for the crime. Only Petyr and Sansa know that Marillion is innocent, and now Lord Nestor Royce is coming up the mountain to the Eyrie to hear Petyr's tale. Sansa wonders whether Petyr is her friend. He never tried to help her when she was attacked in King's Landing; then again, he was the one that helped her to escape King's Landing. She decides that he is her only friend. When the nobles of the Vale arrive, Petyr sends Sansa to retrieve the sickly Robert Arryn, who starts shaking at the first feelings of distress. When he arrives in the hall, Robert declares that Marillion killed Lysa, as does Sansa. Marillion is brought to the hall, wearing gloves to cover his missing fingers, and he confesses to the murder. After, Sansa, pretending to be Petyr's natural daughter Alayne Stone, serves her "father" and Nestor Royce wine while they talk. Petyr knows that Bronze Yohn Royce has raised a host against his rule and is approaching the Eyrie, so he offers the Gate of the Moon to Nestor, who is honored. Petyr signs the declaration himself as Lord Protector of the Vale, which further strengthens his position. Sansa is impressed by Petyr's lies and returns to bed to find Robert, who asks if she is his mother now. Sansa, lying with kindness, says that she is.