Chapter 1 Summary

The prophet, Aeron Damphair, drowns men off the coast of Great Wyk in the Iron Islands. The first three men rise from the water bravely, but the fourth's faith is weak. Three men arrive to the shore, but Damphair must first resuscitate the man he just drowned. After, the men explain that they have come to bring Damphair to their lord, Gorold Goodbrother. They announce that Aeron's brother, Balon Greyjoy, who had crowned himself king of the Iron Isles, is dead. Aeron feels the sea shake beneath him. They explain that Balon fell from a bridge during a storm, so Aeron concludes that the Storm God must have struck him down; now, thankfully, Balon feasts in the Drowned God's watery halls. Aeron takes a horse and rides to the Hammerhorn. Along the way, he thinks about his brothers. The oldest three all died young. Next came Balon, Euron, Victarion, Urrigon, and Aeron. (The last, Robin, is best forgotten.) When he arrives, a "chain-neck maester" tells Damphair that Euron Crow's Eye returned the day after Balon's death and that he now sits on the Seastone Chair. Damphair is shocked and declares that only a godly man may take the chair. Soon, there is word that Asha Greyjoy is calling men to Ten Towers, while Euron calls them to Pyke. Damphair begins preaching for men to journey to Old Wyk, where the ironborn will have a kingsmoot.