A Dance With Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 5) Chapter 9 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 9 Summary

Davos is brought before Lord Godric Borrell, Lord of Sweetsister. Davos was a smuggler in his youth, but his fortunes changed when he smuggled onions past siege lines to an embattled Stannis. Stannis raised Davos to knighthood for his heroics and cut off the ends of his fingers for his smuggling. Now, Davos is Stannis's Hand, and though he hopes to make it to White Harbor, where he will treat with Lord Wyman Manderly, he must first find a way off this island. When Godric offers him food, Davos is relieved since it means he is a guest rather than a prisoner. As he eats, Davos reflects that he should not have been captured, but when storms ruined Salladhor Saan's fleet, the Lysene pirate finally abandoned Stannis's cause. Now, Godric informs Davos that Lord Tywin is dead and that the Freys are treating with Lord Manderly. Davos argues that Stannis will defeat the Lannisters now that Lord Tywin is dead. Rather than agreeing or disagreeing, Godric shares how Ned Stark once stayed at the same hall during Robert's Rebellion. After, he had a fisherman take him across the Bite. A storm had killed the fisherman, but his daughter had taken Ned across. Ned left her with a son, whom she named Jon Snow. Before he was allowed to leave, Godric's family had considered giving Ned to the Mad King Aerys, who seemed like to win the war, but Stark had replied that "only winter is certain." If Robert should win, they would be rewarded. If the Targaryens should win, then no one need ever know that Ned was there. Davos agrees.