A Dance With Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 5) Chapter 8 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 8 Summary

Tyrion wakes and discovers that the carriage has stopped and Magister Illyrio is outside. Illyrio is talking to two men, Haldon Halfmaester and Ser Rolly Duckfield (Duck), who are transferring chests from the carriage onto packhorses. Tyrion is to join them. Illyrio introduces Tyion as Yollo, but Tyrion tells them to call him Hugor Hill. Illyrio tells them to tell the boy that he will be there for the boy's wedding, and he returns to Pentos. Tyrion journeys east with Duck and Haldon along an old road built by the Valyrians. It is a magnificent road—wide, smooth, and ancient—which one maester named one of the nine wonders of the world. Tyrion remembers how when he was young, he had hoped to see them all. Instead, his father had put Tyrion in charge of the cisterns at Casterly Rock, which Tyrion soon had running more smoothly than ever. They arrive in Ghoyan Drohe, a city in Rhoyne, where they meet with Griff, a man with red eyebrows who dyes his hair blue. He reads Illyrio's letter of introduction and is reluctant to accept Tyrion, a Lannister. However, he agrees to allow Tyrion join their party as they make their way to Daenerys. Tyrion does not find Griff, who claims to be neither a lord nor a knight, a very convincing liar; if anything, Tyrion finds Griff's attempts to play the game of thrones amusing.