A Dance With Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 5) Chapter 7 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 7 Summary

Jon hesitates to sign the letter that Maester Aemon has prepared for him. He decides to put it off and summons Gilly, whom he instructs to travel south to Oldtown with Mance Rayder's son. Her own son, however, will remain at the Wall. Gilly has nursed both children, and Jon explains that if they allow Mance's son—a king's son—to remain at the Wall, Melisandre and Stannis will burn him to use in their spells. Gilly agrees and flees crying. Jon next meets Sam, who urges Jon to sign Aemon's letter. It is a paper shield that they will send to King's Landing explaining that they do not support Stannis, though they have fed and sheltered him. Sam is to go with Gilly, Mance's son, and Maester Aemon to Oldtown to become a maester. Maester Aemon advises Jon to arm himself with knowledge before setting out to battle and to put the boy within him aside and become a man. Jon next summons Giant, the shortest member of the Watch, whom Jon commands to travel to Icemark, an abandoned fort along the Wall. Giant and his men are to restore the fort as best they can and watch for wildlings. Giant agrees. However, when Jon orders Lord Janos Slynt to travel to Greyguard and do the same, Slynt refuses. The next morning, Jon goes to the mess hall, where Slynt is eating. Jon gives him one last chance to obey, and when he refuses, Jon takes Slynt into the yard and beheads him. Jon looks up and sees Stannis, who nods at him before returning inside his tower.