A Dance With Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 5) Chapter 5 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 5 Summary

Tyrion and Illyrio set out from Pentos in a carriage. They pass the time eating, drinking, and talking. Tyrion tries to figure out more about Illyrio's motivations, but learns little. Illyrio and Varys had been friends together as children in Pentos. Varys had been a thief who had soon learned that he could make more money spying on lesser thieves and selling information on their whereabouts to their victims. The selling expanded until the king of Westeros sought Varys out. He had been suspicious of his family and his Hand, who had been a childhood friend. Illyrio next explains how he knew Daenerys and Viserys when they were young. Daenerys had been a shy girl until she was reborn amongst the Dothraki. When he sent her three ships, she sailed them to Slaver's Bay and conquered three cities. Now, he hopes to send Tyrion there, where he is confident that the young queen will make use of him. First, they must reach the river and Griff, a knight from Westeros that Illyrio trusts implicitly, who will take Tyrion on the next stage of his journey. The Golden Company, meanwhile, will await Daenerys's arrival. Tyrion soon grows impatient, and he eventually finds himself wondering again about where his first love, Tysha, might have wound up.