A Dance With Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 5) Chapter 41 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 41 Summary

The Turncloak, Theon Greyjoy, eats alone in Winterfell's hall. Arya Stark weeps in her tower while the men eat. The hall is the only place the men have since the winter snows have begun to fall. Stannis, they know, is out there in the snow, slowly marching to Winterfell, which, though burnt, is still a powerful castle surrounded by two walls. Rowan, one of the women that accompanies Abel, approaches Theon and tells him that it was clever of him to take Wintefell. She asks if he had a secret entrance, but Theon refuses to tell her how he took the castle. As he walks around, he wonders how he could escape, but dismisses the thought. Lady Dustin takes Theon from the hall and tells him to show her the crypt beneath the castle where the Starks are buried. Theon takes her. During their walk, she tells him that Arya Stark's weeping is a greater threat to the Boltons than Stannis. The northmen still love Ned Stark, though they do fear Roose Bolton. Inside the crypt, she asks Theon why he loved the Starks, and Theon eventually confesses that he wanted to be one of them. Lady Dustin understands. She tells Theon that she lost her maidenhead to Brandon Stark and had hoped to marry him. When he died, her father had hoped to marry her to Ned. However, Catelyn Tully took Ned as well as Brandon. She tells Theon that she is watching for Ned's bones, which are making their way north to Winterfell. She intends to capture them and feed them to her dogs.