A Dance With Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 5) Chapter 36 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 36 Summary

Daenerys goes outside the city walls to tend to the Astapori that are dying of the flux. The dead are piling high, and it is getting harder and harder to convince drivers to take food out to them. The dying Astapori demand blessings and food from their mother. Though she feels bad for them, there is little that she can do except feed them and start a funeral pyre. Fortunately, the Targaryens do not suffer from disease as others do. She returns to her chambers and bathes. After, she sups with the Galazza Galare, who tells her all of the preparation Dany will have to make to marry Hizdahr. Dany refuses to have her womb inspected by Hizdahr's family, but she agrees to wear a white tokar. Galazza Galare and Reznak insist that if Dany does not follow tradition, the Ghiscari will not accept her marriage. Hizdahr, however, does not care for the traditions and encourages Dany to ignore them. Their meeting ends when Daario returns, wounded. He brings word of approaching armies. Though some Westerosi have left the Windblown for the Stormcrows, the Second Sons have betrayed them. Dany orders the wall's shut; the sick Astapori shall stay outside. She recalls the warlocks' prophecy that she will be betrayed three times. She tells Daario, who replies that he will never betray her. Dany believes him and tells him that she has always wanted him as she kisses him.