A Dance With Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 5) Chapter 35 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 35 Summary

Jon takes his men north of the Wall to the weirwood grove, though Bowen March disagrees with his decision. Jon explains that if the new recruits—two of whom are wildlings—wish to swear their vows before the old gods, then they shall. It is tradition. The snows are deep now, and Jon wishes that they had a glass garden in which they could grow vegetables. Sadly, the Wall has no gold to buy glass. Along the way to the grove, he tells Iron Emmett and Dolorous Edd that they are to be given command of a fort along the Wall otherwise guarded only by wildling spearwives. When Jon and the others arrive at the grove, they find a group of wildlings and a giant sleeping there. At first, it looks like they will fight until Leathers talks to and calms the giant. They agree to come south of the Wall, though they worry that Melisandre will burn them. The recruits swear their vows, and Jon asks the old gods for strength to do what is necessary. Two of the wildlings are dead, but rather than burning them, Jon has the bodies brought back to the Wall and he orders them put into the ice cells. When Jon returns, he receives a letter from Stannis. He has taken Deepwood Motte and is now marching on Winterfell to fight the Boltons. As a member of the Night's Watch, Jon should be beyond dreams of glory, but he nevertheless feels the urge to lead men and to save his sister.