A Dance With Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 5) Chapter 34 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 34 Summary

Bran sits on a weirwood throne under a hill while the Others shuffle above ground. He and Meera have begun naming the Children of the Forest. His guide, Leaf, explains that the Children had their time during the dawn of days, but now they are declining along with the giants, the unicorns, and the great lions. Eventually, even the direwolves will pass. The greenseer, who was once named Brynden, teaches Bran to become a skinchanger. When Bran flies within a raven, he feels the presence of another. The greenseer explains that it is a shadow of a singer's soul. Long ago, ravens carried messages that they were able to speak to First Men. Meera and Jojen explore the caves, and sometimes Bran secretly follows them inside of Hodor's mind. They are warm again, but Jojen broods on his death, which he has foreseen in one of his greendreams. Bran wishes that he could comfort Meera, but he does not know how to. Later, Bran is taught to become a greenseer by entering the weirwood. He eats a paste of weirwood seeds, sends his mind into the tree's roots, and suddenly he can see the past through the deep memories of the trees. He sees his father and his ancestors from the godswood in Winterfell. Though he sees them, he cannot speak to them. He sees a woman from centuries ago kill a captive with a sickle, and when his blood touches the weirwood's roots, Bran can taste it.