A Dance With Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 5) Chapter 30 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 30 Summary

Daenerys counts the ships in the harbor that cut off trade to Meereen. She turns to her admiral and asks his advice, but he insists that there is nothing he can do. Dany turns to Ser Barristan, who tells her she has ample stores and the friendship of Lhazar, though they are not fighters. She next sees Skahaz and two of his Brazen Beasts, men that wear masks of animals. He reports on Hizdahr's movements. Each night, Hizdahr goes to a different pyramid, and Skahaz thinks he may be the Harpy that leads the rebellion against Dany's rule. Dany refuses to have him arrested and insists upon peace. Word has reached the city that Astapor has fallen. A man riding a pale mare brings the news as well as evidence that the bloody flux is making its way through the population of survivors. Worse, Dany's enemies have three sellsword companies, while Dany has two. Dany summons her captains. Brown Ben Plumm of the Second Sons assures Dany that her dragons will lead them to victory. When Dany refuses to deploy them, Brown Ben instead suggests that they try to buy one of the attacking companies. Dany agrees to set up a camp for the survivors until the bloody flux has passed. She finally turns to Ser Barristan, who tells Dany that her only hope is battle. It will mean taking her strength out of Meereen, which will leave her vulnerable to an attack by the Sons of the Harpy. Without any other options or guidance, Dany decides to summon Hizdahr zo Loraq.