A Dance With Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 5) Chapter 29 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 29 Summary

Davos is imprisoned in the Wolf's Den, tended by Garth, who brings porridge "for the dead man" every day. Although Garth mocks Davos over his coming death, Davos is otherwise treated well. He composes letters to his wife and sons, though he realizes that he does not know his youngest three sons as well as he knew his oldest four sons. When someone does come for him, Davos is not taken to his death. It is Robett Glover, who explains that a lot has happened since Davos was imprisoned. Stannis has taken Deepwood Motte, the Glovers' fort. Lord Manderly's son has been returned to him from the Freys. And, most importantly, Davos is dead. They tarred a criminal's head and cut off his fingers to fool the Freys and the Lannisters. Now, they enter a secret passage, in which Davos is taken to Lord Manderly. He apologizes for his discourteous treatment and explains that he had to make a show of befriending the Freys and the Lannisters in order to regain his son. Now that his son is returned, however, Lord Manderly means to fight back. He will go to Winterfell to witness the marriage between Arya Stark and Ramsay Bolton. However, Manderly has more ships, more mounted strength, and more coin than anyone else in the north. He also has Wex, a child that was in Winterfell when Theon Greyjoy and Ramsay Bolton were there. Wex claims that Ned Stark's sons still live. Now, Manderly and Glover demand that Davos smuggle them to the Stark sons.