A Dance With Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 5) Chapter 28 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 28 Summary

Jon sends Ser Alliser Thorne north of the Wall on a ranging, though the latter believes it a death sentence. Dywen will lead Ser Alliser's ranging, and Jon is sending Black Jack Bulwer and Kedge Whiteye on another two rangings. Cotter Pyke has spotted wildlings building ships along the shore and Ser Denys Mallister has reported fires north of the Gorge. Both asked for more men, so Jon had sent them wildling recruits, which pleased neither. He wonders where he can get more recruits and goes into the yard, looking for a fight. Jon defeats Iron Emmett's three most promising recruits. Rattleshirt challenges Jon next. The Lord of Bones wields a two handed sword with speed and power and ultimately defeats Jon. Afterward, Clydas brings Jon a letter from Ramsay Bolton announcing his plans to marry Arya Stark, which infuriates the Lord Commander. He goes out that night with Ghost at his heels, wondering what to do. He turns and finds Ygritte, though when he talks to her it turns out to be Melisandre. Jon wonders how he could have failed to notice the difference. Melisandre tells Jon that his sister will be okay. The rangers that he sent beyond the Wall, however, will not fare so well. Three of them will die. When the news reaches Jon, he will have learned to trust her, though he should have all along, explains the Red Priestess.