A Dance With Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 5) Chapter 26 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 26 Summary

The wayward bride, Asha Greyjoy, drinks wine in Galbart Glover's longhall when a maester brings her a letter. It is from Ramsay Bolton, who names himself a lord and the Warden of the North. The letter contains a strip of Theon's skin and a warning that all of the ironborn must leave the north. Asha's men would like to march south to fight the skinners, but Asha knows that they only seek a good death. Asha does not like Deepwood Motte and its forests, but she cannot return to the sea. Euron is chasing dragons, but he has declared Erik Ironmaker, the Anvil-Breaker, her husband, and he rules over the Iron Isles now. If Asha should appear, she will be expected to submit to him. She considers joining Stannis, but she is reluctant to form an alliance with a man that has so many enemies. When Tris Botley suggests that they go away together to become pirates or traders journeying to the Jade Sea, Asha reminds him that she is sleeping with Qarl the Maid and is considering claiming Sea Dragon Point to form her own kingdom. Tris tells her that she will have to live with the decision of the kingsmoot. During the Age of Heroes, Torgon Greyiron had challenged the results of a kingsmoot since he was the oldest son but not present, but Asha was there. When she hears this, Asha kisses Tris. That night, a northman is caught in the castle. They attack the north gate as Asha leads her men out the south gate to the shore. They encounter the northerners instead and fight a bloody battle. As Asha is sure that she is about to die, she hears trumpets and dreams of a black stag with flame around its antlers.