A Dance With Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 5) Chapter 24 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 24 Summary

The Lost Lord, Jon Connington, prepares to return to the Golden Company. He served with them for years after his exile and rose high in their ranks before leaving to carry out Illyio and Varys's scheme to train Prince Aegon in secrecy. When he left, Myles Toyne had led the mercenaries. Now, his friend is dead and Harry Strickland runs the company. Though Lemore cautions him, Connington is tired of waiting. He reflects that he has waited seventeen years to avenge his loss at the Battle of the Bells. If he would have defeated Robert Baratheon that day, his silver prince, Rhaegar, would still live. When they present themselves before the captains of the Golden Company, Strickland is reluctant to follow through on the plan. Daenerys was supposed to journey west. Now, she is trapped in Meereen, surrounded by enemies, and the only way the company can reach her is by the demon road. Aegon proposes that they journey to Westeros, win victories, and gather allies to their cause. Though Strickland is reluctant to agree, the other captains are ready to return to Westeros. As Connington prepares for sleep that night, he takes off his gloves. The fingers have already begun to turn black and he can no longer feel pain when he pricks them. He reminds himself that some men live with greyscale for years before they die. It should be time enough to return to Griffin's Roost and to end the line of Robert Baratheon.