A Dance With Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 5) Chapter 23 Summary

George R. R. Martin

Chapter 23 Summary

Daenerys sups with Galazza Galare, an old woman with wise eyes. She is happy to see that Dany has not killed any of the noble children that she holds hostage. The Sons of the Harpy do continue to kill Dany's men, but she cannot bring herself to murder children. Galazza Galare suggests that Dany marry Hizdahr zo Loraq and give birth to a son to consolidate her rule. Dany, however, knows that she will never give birth to another child. Still, she summons Hizdahr zo Loraq and agrees to marry him if he can give Meereen ninety days of peace. Before he goes, Dany asks him to kiss her, but she is not moved by the kiss. When he leaves, she talks with Ser Barristan, who disapproves of Dany's plan. He urges her to go to Westeros, but Dany remains intent on healing Meereen. Barristan tells her that Daario Noharis and his Stormcrows have returned. She summons him at once, as well as her maids. Dany makes herself as beautiful as possible and though she is excited to see Daario again, she is disturbed by his advice. The sellsword suggests that she draw the Great Masters out from their pyramids to attend her wedding. Then, she should assassinate them. Dany refuses to become a butcher queen and sends Daario away. She tells Barristan to send the Stormcrows back into the field. However, as she considers her wild dragons, she wonders if she might not be more similar to Daario than she would prefer.